Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 New Year's Resolutions

Happy Happy New Years to Everyone!

I am ready for an awesome year! So, resolutions? Well, nothing too shocking, several are recycled just packaged differently, but they have all been given considerable thought.

  1. Lose Weight!! Must lose weight. Not talking about dieting, it has to be the whole package, because this is aweful. I have the time and opportunity, so I am committed to this. I have identified my motivation for this, I'll list them at the end of this list. If you want to join me in any of the ventures, please, let me know! I'd love to have company!!
  2. Exercise daily, everyday. I'm getting older, and I don't want to start feeling it. I need to make a point to get regular exercise daily, I won't commit to daily time, because I want to take various opportunities throughout the day to get my blood flowing. So many way: wii sports and games, walking with the baby, walking with the handsome hubby, free weights, I need to take several breaks during my day and be active!!!
  3. No more Red Bulls. OUCH. Okay, don't tell DH, but I was up to 3 a day before Thanksgiving (for about a year) and managed to bring that number down to 2 a day since then, but now it's down to ZERO.
  4. No more Soda. Period. Water, and only filtered water from the tap, will be all I drink from now on.
  5. Spiritual/Intellectual growth daily. I will spend time, everyday, to reading something that will help me to grow, on the inside. I have plenty of books around here. I will be starting with "The Purpose Driven Life."
  6. Everyday I will make a point to notice, identify and acknowledge something that someone else has done or contributed to make life better/happier/more pleasant, and let them know. It has to be sincere, I know that I will be able to find something everyday. It can also be a memory of something that I recall from years ago, but only today have come to realize.
  7. Knit more, buy less yarn!
  8. Learn to speak with a Scottish Accent
  9. I will write in my blog at least once every 7 days. There it is. You knew it was coming...

So, these are my completely attainable, highly achievable goals for this year. I'll work on a template, so on my weekly posts I can post my progress/status on these.

Means and Motivation for Goal #1

"Yarn Diet-Diet"

It's a "Yarn Diet" Diet....How is that for a catchy name? Basically, I need to control the new yarn coming in, as well as lose weight (I've gained 25 pounds since I quite working in August!!!!). Obviously, my big resolution is to lose weight, but you could modify and use something like this to acheive whatever your New Years Resolution is!!!

I am a firm believer of success through rewards, smaller, more frequent rewards. So I thought I'd combine the two ideas...this one sounds good to me, lots of incentive and I get yarn if I'm good, lose yarn if I back pedal. I bet there are others out there too, who could use something similar to control the stash growth and weight all at once. Maybe we could collect ideas here!!

January 1 a.m. is my start weight.


1. Weigh-in is each Friday. There is a
48 hour re-weigh that can be called
by either party, to allow for things
like water retention or just to be
sure it's an actual stable weight.

2. For every 10 pounds of weight I lose,
DH buys me a sweaters worth of yarn
of my choice. Ceiling price is $60
(if I choose a more expensive yarn, I
must pay the difference).

3. For every 5 pounds I gain (from the
latest weigh-in weight) I have to
forfeit a sweaters worth of yarn to
my DH. I can't destash or use that
yarn as long as it's in the forfeit
state (can't even pet it).

4. If there is any yarn in forfeiture,
DH does not buy me new yarn, I must
select a sweaters worth of "forfeited
yarn." No new yarn will be bought by
DH until all forfeited yarn has been
earned back (making the incentive
that if I backpedal and put on 5
pounds, I must again lose 10 pounds
to get it back....kewl, huh?)

Motivation for Resolutions #1-4

Body For Life

While the prize is no longer $1 Million, $25K isn't something to laugh at, and again, I have no excuses not to commit to this completely. I have the time, need and commitment (yes, I know, I need to be committed).

If you want to join me in the Yarn Diet-Diet or the Body For Life, let me know, just give me the signal!


  1. Hey Debbie, Did you start your Rav group?

  2. haven't had a chance yet...this no caffeine and no redbull has knocked me on my a$$. I slept most of the day again. Hopefully, my body will adapt before much longer. I'll try and start the group tomorrow!!!!

  3. Started Rav group. Name is YDD group and can be found here (must be a member of Ravelry to access)!