Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A Knit Odyssey

Wow!!! What a great year! I'm amazed how each year gets better and better. They're all good years, but somehow each new one tops the last! I owe this to Chris, he's taught me so much, and made me so very very happy (now I'm talking like I'm in a fairy tale, and who knows...maybe I am?)

My last official post of the year 2009 will be a year in review, an odyssey of sorts. So, in no particular order, the high (and low) lights of 2009:

Things Heard Around the House this Year
Pamela: "Chris do you want me to make dinner tonight, or do you want something good?"

Pamela: "Does water go bad?"

John: "Robert, what did you get the speeding ticket for?" (duh, illegal parking maybe?)

John: "I don't need to take sex ed in school, I already know all about General Herpes and the clapper!"

Wonderful Additions to Our Family
(in order of their arrival to us!)
Fleece - the best puppy in the loving and tolerant, we are so glad she picked us!

William - What a joy! I'm not biased at all, but truely suspect he is the worlds most charming baby, and also the most intelligent, and the cutest and....LOL

John A - What a wonderful surprise! I'm so proud of this young man and how much he cares for and loves his son!

Things that I've Learned
Never drink and knit

Winning an online argument is like outsmarting the dog, no real pride in it

We can live quite well on one income, the second is gravy (and yarn!)

You can never have too much yarn

I learned to knit!!!!

Ravelry is awesome!

Ravelry is a time suck!!!!! (how many exclamation points can fit on one line???)

2009 Finished Objects
(excludes any WIPs, they will have to count in the year completed)

I wonder how many miles of yarn this is? (and I should mention, this isn't ALL of the FOs, just the ones I have pics of...)

Speaking of miles of yarn....these are the yarns I've managed to collect and hoard for 2009 (and I've only been knitting since April!!)!

Happy New Year!!!! On to 2010!
Tomorrow: New Year's you suspect one of them might be about the blog??? LOL


  1. Happy New Year Debbie! Yep, you jumped into the knitting world with both feet! LOL!! ;O)

  2. Both feet? I'd say more like a belly flop! :-)

    Happy New year!!!