Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Cold and More Winter Knitting

Wow! It's been cold here. Too cold for me. Of course I'm cold when it drops below 75 F. We are forecasted to have snow again on Friday. Snow. LOL.

This weather is doing a number on my plants. We'll have 2-3 nice warm sunny days, then a week of freezing weather. Well, my hyacinths, tulips and Madonna Lillies are already coming up. They're all about 6" tall (some more, some a little less), but if buds start developing, I'll lose them all. That late snow we had last year, end of March, caused my Gardenia to not flower at all. Let's cross our fingers and hope that they develop really slow!

I start on a Jacquest Cousteau hat for John. I've knit something for everyone, but him. He's so patient and helpful, I want him to have something really special. I'm knitting it in Rowan Felted Tweed, in color "Ancient." I know, pretty expensive for a teenagers hat, but it looks awesome so far. I know it's going to be my favorite man's hat when all is said and done.
Also, I managed to pick up a couple more skeins of the yarn I used for Pamela's Flamboyant Mitts (Classic Elite Desert, shade Northern Lights #2047). She wants a matching hat. I haven't started it yet, apparently, I have 12" needles in every size but the size I need. I've ordered some, so I should be casting on soon.

I started back on my "Experiment in Maybe." It's the wrong yarn, but I really wanted to try this pattern, and I didn't want to use really good expensive wool on it, so I used Ester Britan Hand Dyes - Andes. I have a lot of it, and I got it on sale at Little Knits. It's self striping, usually used for socks I suspect, but I'm getting a stripey type pattern. I should not wear horizontal stripes. LOL. But, again, I'll consider it a win, cause I'm making a hoodie for myself, and it's going to be WARM! I haven't finished up the shoulders yet, and I bet it already weighs 5 pounds. Imagine when I finally get the hood knit!

I've also started Vickeys Textured Shrug. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but man, there is a ton of knitting. I'm already on my 3rd skein of Elann Sonata, and I'm still not done with the yoke. The knit fabric is gorgeous. The color is so brilliant! I think she will be very pleased.

I've not done so well on my yarn diet, but I've been destashing like crazy to help compensate. So, it's not a total loss, but still will be a net gain.

Don't think I spend all my time knitting. I watch William a lot as well. So, what happens while Grandma is watching the baby? Hmmmmm, why not see for yourself.

And for the not PG rated crowd, a special episode of Sesame Street...