Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

In honor of my dad, on Father's Day, I want to thank him, for everything he's done for me. So many things, too numerous to name all, but a few stick out in my mind. He probably won't remember these events, but I recall them vividly, and they've stayed with me.

Dad, thank you for:

  • teaching me to value education.
  • teaching me to use logic and reason, and for using these in specific life lessons
  • when Grandpa died, I asked you if there was a GOD, and you explained to me, that there was. You pointed out, that, "by definition, good cannot exist without evil."
  • when my high school friend got pregnant, you pointed out that "two wrongs, don't make a right," in reference to her getting married. May not seem that dramatic today, but in the early 80's, this was an atypical reaction, especially from a parent.
  • not allowing me to date and go to parties, unsupervised, while in high school. All the reasons you gave, well, they were the exact reasons I wanted to go out. DOH! You protected me, from myself.
  • for the way you handled my first experience with a cigarette, in the house. Wow! I don't know which crime was worse. Smoking? Not good, only 16 years old. In the house??? In Vick's immaculately clean, beautiful house, that she herself, a smoker, wouldn't even smoke in? I about knocked you down, as I ran to the bathroom, to get sick. When you questioned me, I fessed up. You simply asked if I'd ever do it again. I told you I wouldn't (and for the record, I didn't do it again, at least not for more than a quarter century) . You decided I'd learned my lesson, and didn't tell Vick. THANK YOU!

A confession, I did sneak out, one night (er, at least one). Some friends and fake ID's got us into a nightclub on Mt. Baldy. It was great, other than the car breaking down on the way home. I got to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, before she made it big!

You also taught me alot, about the value of money, so I thought you'd appreciate this brief news story.

U.S. To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through

And, for your special day, take some time off and relax, dad! I love you! Hey, maybe I'll knit you a tie!! :)