Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What an Awesome Day!

You know, sometimes you take things for granted, we all do. It's all part of the hectic, crazy, busy lives that we all lead. Then there are the times when it hits you, I mean really HITS you, just how fortunate we are. I had one of those days today.

It rained again today. That's been the status quo now for 2 weeks. The basement has not dried out completely, but there does not appear to be any new flooding (yes, it was underwater last week, after one downpour dumped 2" in less than an hour). When I woke up this morning, I could smell the mildew-y air from downstairs as soon as I entered the living room. Three fans, a dehumidifier, and cleaning the carpets, still had not erradicated it.

That said, today was, in fact, terrific!

I started my day by lighting a lavendar candle in the living room, and then proceeded to knit. I've started the cowl neck on Pamela's Adagio Sweater. I just have to knit the cowl ribbing for 5 more inches, then weave in the few loose ends on the neck, then it's ready to go!
Caities shrug is about 2/3 of the way through the ribbing around the collar.

Only thing left on my little black jacket is the buttonhole band and the button band.
Three projects, so near completion! Yippee!

I took a break from knitting, and did my Pilates. Yup, I actually got some exercise in. Since Chris and I started our daily walks, we've had rain everyday, so they have been suspended. Figured, it was time to get some exercise (does tinking count?) so fired up the wii and did some Daisy Fuentes Pilates. Not bad, I recognized, and was able to do, all of the exercises. Great Day!

Then I started some of my famous homemade split pea soup. Yum. It's been so long since I made it, I was informed that they don't call them "ham hocks" any longer, now they are called "pork hocks"....is this some type of pc thing? Were the hams offended? Did the pork feel slighted? Not sure, but no problem, Chris hunted them down and they made it into the pot shortly after lunch time.

I walked by William, sitting in his swing, as I went to blow out the lavendar candle (afterall, we had homemade split pea soup simmering for the day!!!! Can't buy a candle that smells that good!) William had been fussing, and as I walked by, he arched his back all the way back and reached out for me...

I melted. He stopped fussing the minute he saw me and was straining to get to Grandma. Oh come on!!! Now, if I could bottle that feeling, I'd make Bill Gates look like a pauper! Just the thought that your mere presence makes someone so happy, that they want to spend time with you... and that doing so will make their day....wow.

Just got me to thinking how darned lucky I am. Pamela gets upset because she thinks William likes to play with me more than her sometimes (I explain it's because all I have to do with him is play, she has to take care of him....). He is always so happy to see me. Then there's Chris. Anyone who knows Chris, knows that he is a stern, rather serious looking man. He has that 'no nonsense' Marine look to him. But everytime he looks at me, he smiles. After all these years, he still gives me the sheepish, playful smile. Wow. Then there's Fleece. Heck, she is so happy to see me, she won't stop licking me after I come in the door. LOL. There are times I think I need to towel off, if I can get someone to pull her off of me. Three important members of my family, all so happy, just to see ME.

Honestely, what more do we need?

I was playing "super william" with the baby, when he spit up an extrordinary amount. I had him over my face, flying, as I saw the erruption. I got him down safely, but not before my hair, my shoulder, my back, the bed, my pillow, and poor baby William had all been covered with second-hand milk.

Who cares? Pamela cleaned up the baby. Laundry started early (heck, I've got a washing machine, not like I had to go to the stream and beat it on a rock) and then I got the luxury of an extra bubble bath and hair washing today. I mean really.....what's to be upset about....I got an extra bubble bath out of it! I put this in the win column.

It was a truly perfect day.

The split pea soup was wonderful. I got to chat with Cassandra at length today. Chris made a surprise dessert. Yum. I got to do more knitting! I got the color of Linus that I wanted when it went on sale this a.m. Turned on the t.v. and '2001 A Space Odyssey' was on.

Today was a typical day, and you know what, I take them for granted all too often. I know I like my life, and I know that I'm lucky, but today was one of those days where I could really feal it. I plan to have all my days like this.

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  1. That was a lovely post, thanks for sharing and reminding me to see the beauty in a normal day.